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Treffer 4,501 bis 4,550 von 5,842

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4501 Possibly died 26 Sep 1900 in Cincinnati, buried Saint Marys Cemetery. Kemphues, Catharina *Angela (I51175)
4502 Possibly died 27 Dec 1877 in Cincinnati, buried in Walnut Hills Cemetery. Theilengerdes, Brunke (I48140)
4503 Possibly died 29 Dec 1898 in California. Possibly buried in Milwaukee. Meiners, Johann W. B. (I89170)
4504 Possibly died 6 Jun 1918, buried in Aspen Grove Cemetery, plot 206 018 03. John H. Schmidt is in plot 206 018 02. Bredehorn, Anna Helene * Marie (I84586)
4505 Possibly died 8 April 1985 in Los Angeles, married name Lena Edith Craft. Wegner, Helena Sophia (I69394)
4506 Possibly died in 1885. Menke, Benjamin (I117938)
4507 Possibly died Nov 1871, buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Normandy, Missouri. Stege, Johann Hinrich (I62466)
4508 Possibly enterd the U.S. 15 Aug 1868 at New York. Niem├Âller, Franz Joseph (I68300)
4509 Possibly enterd the U.S. 15 Aug 1868 at New York. Niem├Âller, Franz Gerhard (I68299)
4510 Possibly Hermann Heinrich Wilking from the Vechta area.

Probably arrived 9 Okt 1869 in New York with his sister Theresa. 
Wilking, Hermann *Henrich (I84622)
4511 Possibly immigrated Aug. 1893 in Baltimore with wife Elisabeth and daughters Maria and Lisette. Kruse, Franz (I112885)
4512 Possibly immigrated in Baltimore Jun 1868 on S.S. "Berlin". The entry reads "Herm. Bo├če, age 17, last residence Bockel." Busse, Johann Hermann (I35524)
4513 possibly in Los Angeles. N.N., Emma (I86766)
4514 Possibly Jacob Stoll, blacksmith, died 6 Jan 1897 in Milwaukee. Evidence is inconclusive.

Last Name of "Stoll" is based on an obituary notice for his wife, Margarethe. 
Stoll, N.N. (I101773)
4515 possibly July 1865 -- burial in St. peter's Cemetery for A.F. M. Stege, unknown dob. N. N., Ann (I62455)
4516 Possibly listed as Henry Ahlers, in Brooklyn, on the 1870 census. Ahlers, Gerhard Hennrik !Gerd Henry (I47359)
4517 Possibly lived in Cincinnati in 1860, died in Saint Louis, MO in 1889. Hellwig, Friedrich Georg (I47665)
4518 Possibly lived in Moonachie, Begen, NJ in 1920 and 1930. Oltmanns, Johann Diedrich Eilert (I102956)
4519 Possibly living in Cincinnati in 1860. Helwig, Eilerd Friedrich (I47653)
4520 Possibly Ludwig K├╝hne aus Augustfehn. K├╝hne, Louis (I63312)
4521 Possibly Minnie Eiben Ashbacher, died 24 Sep 1920 in Lucas County, Ohio. Eiben, Minna (I85066)
4522 Possibly moved to Hamlin, South Dakota after his first wife's death. The 1910 census shows him with wife Anna (married 1908) and children Mary, Age 18; Dick, Age 16; Geroge, Age 12 (Born Iowa); and Elane, born 1910 in South Dakota.

If so, then he died 17 Feb 1950. 
Jan├čen, Diedrich (I266)
4523 possibly Neuenkirchen, Vechta? Albers, August (I84659)
4524 Possibly related to George Isder (* Mar 1859 + Dec 1945) and his mother Engel Isder, who is buried in Alice Union Cemetery. Both were living in Grundy County in 1885. Isder, Heiko (I83527)
4525 Possibly residing in Flint River, Des Moines County on the 1885 Iowa census. Listed are John Lubbers, Age 57, and Annie Lubbers, Age 53. Luebbers , Johann Friedrich (I65602)
4526 possibly the "Henry Stege" listed on the 1870 census for Saint Louis, with wife Gertrude and 3 children.

"Gertrude Stege", died Sep 1882, also at St. Peter's Cemetery. 
Stege, Johann Hinrich (I62466)
4527 Possibly the same as person #68682 N. N., Anna Maria *Elisabeth (I61682)
4528 possibly the same as the other Hermann Oltmann in Fayette County. Oltmanns, Hermann Wilhelm (I103223)
4529 Possibly the same person as # 82750 Janssen, John M (I103615)
4530 Possibly the same person as Lena Bennje *26 Dec 1841 in Torsholt. Bennje = Behnje, Lena (I48092)
4531 Possibly, possibly married to Humphrey Miller in Hamlin, South Dakota. Jan├čen, Marie Gerhardine (I1156)
4532 possily Nov 1832, if he was the John Fahrenkamp living in Jo Daviess County, Illinois in 1900. Fahrenkamp, Johann Hinrich (I88745)
4533 Posthuma Brumund, Elise Harmine (I57794)
4534 Probable additional children: Adele * 1850 and Louis (Ludwig) * 1854 or 58. Familie F18045
4535 Probable death 22 Mar 1903, buried Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah. Grotheer, Diedrich (I87046)
4536 Probable death 27 Mar 1903, buried Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah. N. N., Annie M (I87048)
4537 Probable second wife of Henry Mammen. Schlake, Catharina Margareta (I17788)
4538 probably # 40672 or 40674, a brother of Joseph Heidkamp. Possibly #90925 or an even later-born brother. Shown living in Joseph's household on the 1870 census.

#90578 fits the best for birthdate (May 1837.) 
Heidkamp, Bernard (I117293)
4539 Probably (75%) the same person who died 2 Mar 1909 in North Bloomfield, Nevada, California. Helwig, Johann Hinrich (I47661)
4540 probably 1969 in Bridgewater. Klunder, Henry (I76026)
4541 Probably 22 Nov 1908. Behrens, Meta (I62807)
4542 Probably 24 Jul 1901 in Rastede. Rastedt, Helene (I84023)
4543 probably 25 Dec 1900,and died Jan 1969 in Boise. Nagel, John T (I40561)
4544 probably 29 Aug 1958. Block, Henriette Caroline (I55152)
4545 probably 6 Nov 1946. 
Backhus = Backhaus, Johann August (I89242)
4546 Probably 8 Jul 1932 in Kings County (NYC), New York. Bruns, Johann Anton *Otto (I22548)
4547 Probably 9 July 1852, on the Herman Theodor from Bremen to New York. Ahlers, Johann *Heinrich (I47116)
4548 Probably Born 31 Aug 1831 in Nuttel. He had an aunt who was married to the gutsbesitzer Brumund in Fikensholt. Brumund, Johann (I76024)
4549 Probably died 27 Oct 1948 in Steele County, Minnesota. MNHS reference 1948-MN-016167.  Wilker, Martha (I83635)
4550 Probably died 28 Mar 1923 in Manhattan, New York City. Ahlers, Gerhard Hennrik !Gerd Henry (I47359)

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