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Treffer 4,901 bis 4,950 von 5,636

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4901 The passport application of Dick J. Stamer specifically says "visit my aged parents" in Oberlethe. Stamer, Johann Diedrich (I40527)
4902 The passport application says he was born at Wildeshausen. Loseke, Heinrich (I3302)
4903 The place Delmenhorst given on the passenger list of the "America" that arrived in New York 23 May 1864, and 10 Nov 1843 is the birth date on his passport application. The Deutsche Pioner-Verein records say 20 Nov 1844 in Delmenhorst. Brinkmann, Julius C B (I84989)
4904 The record gives her parents' names as "Gg & Carol. Schmacker". Schmacker, Caroline Friederike Marie (I63460)
4905 The record on findagrave says she was born in Rastede. Kuck, Elise Hermine Christine Catherine (I87570)
4906 the same person or two persons? Guhmann, Charles !George (I83680)
4907 The Social Security Death Index gives her birth date as 11 Feb 1890. Gramke, Bernardina (I116547)
4908 The Social Security Death Index gives his year of birth as 1892, but that is impossible, since he was on the ship in March 1892. Schwarting, Hermann Georg (I62817)
4909 The Sodemann Family Tree on ancestry (submitted by dob1150) gives his birth date as 20 Mar 1803, but that might be for Joseph, not Johann Schr√∂der. Schr√∂der, Johann (I22030)
4910 The son of Gerd Jacobs, VEC-CLP #1431. Jacobs, Carl Clemens (I114773)
4911 The Texas Death Certificate says it was 8 July. Bruns, Oltmann Friederich (I84193)
4912 The Wiefelstede OFB gives his birth date as 26 Oct 1870. I cannot explain the discrepency. But I am 99% sure that the George Menke in Amarillo was the same person as the George Menke who emigrated with his parents and siblings in about 1884 from Wiefelstede. Menke, Friedrich Georg (I87284)
4913 The Will of Philip Goldschmidt late of Oldenburg House Rusholme in the City of Manchester Merchant who died 7 March 1889 at Oldenburg House ...... Goldschmidt, Philipp (I62288)
4914 The witness on his 1886 naturalization card is "H. Grunjes".

In 1870 he was living on a farm next to Johann Abels. 
Frerichs = Frers, Diedrich !Richard (I54698)
4915 The year is transcribed as 1933, but that is clearly a mis-reading. Windhusen, Sophie (I31303)
4916 The year written on his birth certificate is 1887, but on other records it is 1888. Winters, Paul H G (I88201)
4917 There are two other men named William Boese on the 1920 census -- one living in Lauderdale, Saint Paul, Minnesota and the other one in Milwaukee. They have very similar birthdates, but must be different people.

There is also a William Boese living in Western, Saline, Nebraska from 1900 to 1940. He was Born in June 1853. But he also Claims to be an "Alien" -- not a naturalized citizen. At the same time, there is a William Boese listed in the Omaha City Directories from 1887 to 1909, and that is the man in this record.
Boese, Johann Wilhelm (I89256)
4918 There is a "Fred Brummond", Age 61(*Jul 1838) living in Danville, Des Moines County with his "brother-in-law" Richard Kinse and Elizabeth Kinse, age 50..

In 1897, Fred Brummond owned farm land in Danville, Des Moines County. 
Brumund, Johann Friedrich (I75967)
4919 There is a "John Janssen", Age 30, married, listed on the 1905 South Dakota census. His arrival year in South Dakota is given as 1903. This might be him. Janssen, Johann (I83217)
4920 There is a Henry G. S. Baars buried in Pehsacola, Florida, but the birth date on his tombstone is 29 Feb 1844. Baars, Heinrich Gerhard Sophus (I25173)
4921 There is a very good "Life Story of Ernst Kalkkuhl, my Grandfather", written by Helene Hulda Kalkkuhl, as told to Leslie G. Goldak, on the familysearch website. 
Kalkkuhl, Ernst (I102571)
4922 There passed away last Tuesday evening one of the German pioneer citizens of this city in the person of the venerable Bernard Kroger, one of the best known men in the East End. Mr Kroger's illness dates back over a year, when he had an operation performed for the relief of his endangered eyesight. The confinement resultant upon this operation weakened his system and fastened the fatal illness upon him.
Mr. Kroger was born in Fechta, Germany, December 31, 1817, and came to this country in 1842, settling in this city. He engaged in the hotel business, operating the old Farmers Hotel in Pendleton. Later he took up merchant tailoring with Adolph Kramer and founded three stores, one on Broadway, another on Main and the third in the Mozart Hall Building, now the Grand Opera House. He was one of the founders of the German Pioneer Verein and a member and stock holder of the Catholic Institute. He was like wise a member of the "Hahnenreich." Mr. Kroger was one of those who went out to fight Kirby Smith during his celebrated raid. He leaves seven of eleven children and a widow, who was Miss Delia Hils. Five of his sons are in business in this city. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock from his late residence, No. 163 East Third street. Requiem mass will be chanted at St. Philomena's Church.

Thursday, August 24, 1893 Page 4
Kroger, Bernard (I100248)
4923 There seems to be another Henry Dultmeier, born in 1858, living in Carrol County, Iowa at about the same time. Dultmeier, Henry (I88832)
4924 There was a Dietrich Siefken 1861 - 1916 and a Diedrich Siefken 1862 - 1902, both living in Burlington. Both probably from somewhere near Westerstede. Siefken, Dietrich (I83241)
4925 There was a Franz Heinrich born 7 Aug 1828 in Damme. He now has a new record. Deters, Franz Heinrich (I76075)
4926 There was also a "Joh. Brunkhorst", Age 17, from Osterende, on the same ship. Brunkhorst, Fritz (I5062)
4927 There was another Erwin Alwin Hemken/Hemkin born in Oct 1898 in Nebraska. This gets very confusing. Heemken, Erwin Alwin (I49855)
4928 There was another Fred Macke, born about 1844 in Oldenburg, also living in Cincinnati in 1860. Macke, Fredrick (I114328)
4929 There was another Henry Rastedt, born in 1865 or 67, (or Jan 1860) living in Wisner, Franklin, Iowa in 1910. He had a wife named "Lena" but the names of the children are so different that he must have been another person. The Family lived in Mt. Vernon, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa in 1900.

At least two family trees on show children of both families mixed together.

Rastedt, Johann Hinrich (I61375)
4930 This date also from Rootsweb:  
Ordemann, Anna Rebecka (I15871)
4931 This date and place come from an unsourced OneWorldTree on Seeger, Anna Catharina (I3138)
4932 This date comes from VEC-CLP #1311 Fischer, Friedrich B (I115058)
4933 This date is not certain. Emken, Friedrich August (I87906)
4934 this Evansville or another one? Twiessel, Heinrich Joseph (I95797)
4935 This is "the eldest daughter of R. F. Luks". -- perhaps the one born in Germany?

a) Helen Luks
1925 Reise nach Hollywood, Besuch bei der Schauspielerin Mary Pickford:
Northern Advocate, 13.07.1925:
00 Auckland 18.12.1889
Duncan William McLean, Vertreter
Auckland Star, 19.12.1889:
Luks, Helen (I70437)
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Langdon, ND 1888-1988
Dick Bruers page 487
Herman Diedrich (Dick) Bruers and his brother Henry, natives of Oldenburg, Germany, went in 1905 to Clyde where Henry farmed and Dick traveled by bicycle as an area carpenter. A Clyde friend visiting in Germany met Hedwig and arranged for her and Dick to correspond and exchange pictures. Dick sent her money to come from Bromberg, Germany. She arrived July 3, 1911 and stayed at his house while he stayed with friends. She later said she had many anxious moments, but "everything turned out all right." They drove to Langdon with a team and surrey July 5 and got married with Henry and Alta Bruers as their attendants. Dick died at age 86 in 1950 and Hedwig died at age 95 in 1968. Their only child, Meta, married Halvor Hasby of Storlie Township, in 1945. 
Familie F9731
4937 This is her correct name, according to the Baptist Taufregister. According to her gravestone, her Name was Meta, Born 16 Jan 1846 and died 20 Mar 1905. S√ľsens, Anna Margarethe (I82756)
4938 This is John H. Boyken, married to Hulda Eden in 1931. Not John W. Boyken, also of Grundy County. Boyken, Johann H (I32020)
4939 This is not certain. Gerdes, Hinrich (I47502)
4940 This is NOT the George Oeltjen living in Beatrice, Nebraska at the same time. Oeltjen, Johann Georg (I4672)
4941 This is possibly the "Henry Punt" living in Munson, Stearns County, Minnesota in 1885.

Also possibly the "Henry Pundt" living in Fresno, California in 1900. 
Pund, Johann Heinrich (I5417)
4942 This is probably the Elizabeth Holbrock who died in 1874 and was buried in Saint Stephen Cemetery. Schr√∂der, Elisabeth (I72988)
4943 This is probably the Marie Frels who arrived in New Orleans on 24 Jun 1853 with Johann, Age 32 and Gerhard, Age 21. Frels, Marie Johanna (I19752)
4944 This is the death of a 16-year-old boy -- not the right one! Stolle, Johann Gerhard (I41873)
4945 This is what is written on the passport applcation, but it cannot be right -- the census records all say 1902. Wragge, Hermann Georg August (I87614)
4946 This might be the same Person as daughter May. Luks, Marz (I71681)
4947 This might not be the right Herman. Also Herman J. * Jun 1871, + Mar 1955, buried in Cedar Bluffs, Saunders County. Information taken from various family trees on Behrens, Herman Diedrich (I61625)
4948 this person? Kruep, Bernard (I77253)
4949 This seems to be a re-entry. The record Shows that he was living in Waverly, Iowa 8 Aug 1929 and had gotten a re-entry permit before he went back to Germany.

His original entry into the U.S. may have been through Canada 28 Dec 1926. But it looks like he was living with his uncle Herman Diers in Northwood, Iowa from 1925 to 1926. In that case, his original emigration date was 24 April 1924.

The 1936 New York passenger list gives his date of naturalization as 15 Mar 1930 in Minneapolis. 
Bruntjen, Hermann Arnold (I67090)
4950 This surname comes from, Matson Family Tree. No documentation is offered to prove it right or wrong. Kellner, Auguste (I85514)