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Treffer 4,901 bis 4,950 von 6,304

   Notizen   Verkn├╝pft mit 
4901 possibly the "Henry Stege" listed on the 1870 census for Saint Louis, with wife Gertrude and 3 children.

"Gertrude Stege", died Sep 1882, also at St. Peter's Cemetery. 
Stege, Johann Hinrich (I62466)
4902 Possibly the same as person #68682 N. N., Anna Maria *Elisabeth (I61682)
4903 possibly the same as the other Hermann Oltmann in Fayette County. Oltmanns, Hermann Wilhelm (I103223)
4904 Possibly the same person as # 82750 Janssen, John M (I103615)
4905 Possibly the same person as Lena Bennje *26 Dec 1841 in Torsholt. Bennje = Behnje, Lena (I48092)
4906 Possibly, possibly married to Humphrey Miller in Hamlin, South Dakota. Jan├čen, Marie Gerhardine (I1156)
4907 possily Nov 1832, if he was the John Fahrenkamp living in Jo Daviess County, Illinois in 1900. Fahrenkamp, Johann Hinrich (I88745)
4908 Posthuma Brumund, Elise Harmine (I57794)
4909 Prinsegracht Termeulen = zur M├╝hlen, Johann (I120513)
4910 Probable additional children: Adele * 1850 and Louis (Ludwig) * 1854 or 58. Familie F18045
4911 Probable death 22 Mar 1903, buried Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah. Grotheer, Diedrich (I87046)
4912 Probable death 27 Mar 1903, buried Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah. N. N., Annie M (I87048)
4913 Probable second wife of Henry Mammen. Schlake, Catharina Margareta (I17788)
4914 probably # 40672 or 40674, a brother of Joseph Heidkamp. Possibly #90925 or an even later-born brother. Shown living in Joseph's household on the 1870 census.

#90578 fits the best for birthdate (May 1837.) 
Heidkamp, Bernard (I117293)
4915 Probably (75%) the same person who died 2 Mar 1909 in North Bloomfield, Nevada, California. Helwig, Johann Hinrich (I47661)
4916 Probably 14 Mar 1956 in Manhattan, NY. Dettmer, Andreas Heinrich Wilhelm (I120743)
4917 probably 1969 in Bridgewater. Klunder, Henry (I76026)
4918 Probably 22 Nov 1908. Behrens, Meta (I62807)
4919 Probably 24 Jul 1901 in Rastede. Rastedt, Helene (I84023)
4920 probably 29 Aug 1958. Block, Henriette Caroline (I55152)
4921 probably 6 Nov 1946. 
Backhus = Backhaus, Johann August (I89242)
4922 Probably 8 Jul 1932 in Kings County (NYC), New York. Bruns, Johann Anton *Otto (I22548)
4923 Probably 9 July 1852, on the Herman Theodor from Bremen to New York. Ahlers, Johann *Heinrich (I47116)
4924 Probably Born 31 Aug 1831 in Nuttel. He had an aunt who was married to the gutsbesitzer Brumund in Fikensholt. Brumund, Johann (I76024)
4925 Probably died 27 Oct 1948 in Steele County, Minnesota. MNHS reference 1948-MN-016167.  Wilker, Martha (I83635)
4926 Probably died 28 Mar 1923 in Manhattan, New York City. Ahlers, Gerhard Hennrik !Gerd Henry (I47359)
4927 Probably he was actually the son of the first wife of Eilert Stickfort, and born somewhere in Ostfriesland, Nordmoor or something. But his Social Security record lists his birthplace as "Augustfehn, Federal Republic of Germany" and his parents as John Stickfort and Mina Gertis (sic) Stickfort, Henry J (I103788)
4928 Probably Hinrich Georg Hermann Geveke, Born 7 Feb 1881 in Schwei. Geveke, George H (I87921)
4929 Probably in McLeod County, Minnesota, before 1910. Reil, Hermann (I1952)
4930 Probably Johann Friedrich Oelrichs, * 13 Apr 1862 in Minsen. Ohlrichs, Friedrich (I87766)
4931 Probably John Bernard, * 19 Jan 1903 + 30 Dec 1967. Oetken, John (I83355)
4932 Probably lived in Mercer County, Ohio. Possibly died in 1883 or 1884. W├Ârdemann, Joh Henry (I89049)
4933 Probably living in Richmond, Wayne, Indiana in 1880 with wife "Diana" and daughters Mary, Age 17 and Josephine, Age 13. Wichelmann, Peter Arnold Ludwig *Wilhelm (I68350)
4934 Probably living in Waseca County, Minnesota in 1900, working for the Family of "Dick" Henkensiefken. Reil, Gerhard (I2178)
4935 probably married to Alfred S Trendell, living in Union, Oregon in 1920. Eilers, Mary (I84857)
4936 Probably married to Mary, children Elizabeth and Patricia. Living in NYC in 1930.

Possibly Born 11 Feb 1899 in NYC, died
Kuhlmann, John (I71710)
4937 Probably related to Johann and Maria Frels, on the same ship and together on the passenger manifest. Frels = Freels, Johann Gerhard Eilert (I72005)
4938 Probably related to the other Zimmers in Clara City. Father Geerd Zimmer? Zimmer, George John (I118488)
4939 Probably somewhere near Osnabruck. Rielage, Franz (I85341)
4940 probably Tappan, Rockland Co., NY  van Vorst, Annetje Idense (I114677)
4941 probably the brother of Bernard Gieske. Gieske, Johann Joseph (I117034)
4942 Probably the brother of Gerhard Wilken, 3 years older. Wilken, Johann (I68173)
4943 probably the brother of Hermann Hansmann. Hansmann, August G (I88957)
4944 Probably the brother of Johann Wilken, before him on the ship's list. Wilken, Gerhard (I68172)
4945 probably the brother of Joseph Gieske, New Munich. Gieske, Bernard (I116596)
4946 Probably the brother of Theodore Thielemann #120820. Thielemann, Ernst (I120946)
4947 Probably the Heinrich Joseph Boerger who died 26 Aug 1891 and is buried in Saint Bernard, Hamilton County, Ohio. B├Ârger, Heinrich (I93745)
4948 Probably the Karl Oltjenbruns who died in 1954 and is buried in Holton, Jackson County, Kansas. See also 1940 census for "Karl Altjenbruns" in Powhattan, Brown, Kansas. Oltjenbruns, Karl (I118867)
4949 probably the same Person as Hinrich Georg Oltmanns, #8607. Oltmanns, G. H. (I217)
4950 Probably the same person as Louisa A. Vogel, * Feb 1864 in Germany, lived in Madison, Poweshiek, Iowa, married to William F. Vogel. Schwarting, Louise (I19617)