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51 "near Hecker" Hepp, Louisa (I102162)
52 "Oberbr├╝cken" Spengler, Christian Johann (I108379)
53 "Oltmanns" bezieht sich auf den Vornamen Oltmann des Vaters (patronymisch);
"zu Jeddeloh" bezieht sich auf den Hof Jeddeloh in der Bauerschaft Jeddeloh.
zu Jeddeloh = Oltmanns, R├Âbe (I80064)
54 "Ovelg├╝nne" Backhus = Backhaus, Johann August (I89242)
55 "Port(in)" Poth, Elisabeth (I108737)
56 "Priest/Cardinal" M├Âlling, Hofrat Georg Friedrich Philipp (I105810)
57 "Schochary", "a place about 40 English miles to the west of Albany" Familie F20661
58 "Schod" Poth, Adam (I108865)
59 "Schultz" ist ihr Geburtsname oder - wahrscheinlicher - der Name eines fr├╝heren Ehemanns.  Knechel, Louisa (I101871)
60 "Schwaler" Schwaber, Michael (I109305)
61 "sind alle weg nach Pennsylvanien gezogen, 15 Kinder, darunter Sophie Clara, Anna Elisabeth"
(Kinder aus einer fr├╝heren Ehe?) 
Hey, Peter (I108358)
62 "Single" Warns, Wilhelm (I54869)
63 "The ardor of his desires to emigrate was heightened by a letter written by a Mr. Ernst, a German from the Duchy of Oldenburg, who had emigrated to Texas a few years previous, and who at that time resided in what is now known as Industry, Austin County, Texas. This letter recited the advantages of Texas in the most glowing colors, comparing its climate to the sunny skies of Italy; it lauded the fertility of the soil and spoke of the perennial flora of the prairies of Texas, etc." -- excerpt from "The Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas", p.19, describing the life of Robert Justus Kleberg, circa 1834. Ernst = Dirks, Christian Friedrich !Johann (I34719)
64 "The wife of William Lange of Shell Creek Township, by whom she has three children, ..." Behlen, Minnie (I31891)
65 "vidua Schmitz" Familie F16366
66 "Volferweiler - Birkenfeld" Seibert, Johannette (I97693)
67 "von Pirkenfeld" Bermann, Johann Theobald (I98370)
68 "wohin die Eltern mit ihr gefahren waren, um ├Ąrztliche Hilfe zu suchen." Kuhlmann, Sophie Elisabeth (I18128)
69 (Rinzenberg) Familie F22081
70 *2 Jul 1751 Ganderkesee oder *11 Oct 1753 Rethorn? Ahlers, Johann Dierck (I58664)
71 + 2 persons Stulken, Helene (I93839)
72 + Agnes Seeb 32
+ Bernhard Seeb 24
+ Heinrich Seeb 22
+ Heinrich Seeb 32 
Seep, Johann *Bernard (I102064)
73 + Anchen Kruse, 30 Kruse, Henriette Margarete (I100462)
74 + Anna Asche, 5!? Asche, *Johann Gerhard (I3321)
75 + Anton Ohmstede, 25, Wittmund Ohmstede, Christian (I79256)
76 + Carl Lohm├╝ller, 6 Lohmiller = Lohm├╝ller, Diedrich (I97017)
77 + Christian, 5 Eggerichs, Christoffer Janssen (I83245)
78 + Elisabeth Engelbart, 52 ? Engelbart, Hinrich Gerhard (I80985)
79 + Elizabeth Borgman, 25 Bergmann, Henrich Arend (I80227)
80 + Friedricke Diedricks, 20, eine Nichte? Diederichs, Friederich (I38625)
81 + Gertrude Greve, 17, = Cousine? Greve, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (I98482)
82 + Hans Feldtmann, 25, G├Ąrtner Feldtmann, Johannes Wilhelm Rudolf (I94739)
83 + Henriette Margarete Kruse, 12, siehe diese! Kruse, Anchen (I100464)
84 + Henry Setlage, 11 Feldmann, Anna Maria Helena (I89593)
85 + Lisette, 21 Angelbeck, Johann *Joseph (I81902)
86 + Margarethe *cal 1814 + Elise *cal 1832 Dalinghaus, Johann *Franz Heinrich (I82429)
87 + Margarethe R├Âpking, 24, # 060 Repking, Frantz *Anton (I6499)
88 + Maria Dalinghaus * cal 1830 Dalinghaus, Bernard Henrich (I82431)
89 + Sophie Hauken, 11 Monate Hawkins = Hauken, Johann *Diedrich !Richard (I54866)
90 + Tochter Louise, 2 Budde, Fredericka W. (I32074)
91 + Wilhelm M├╝ller, 7, + Carl M├╝ller, 5 M├╝ller, Hinrich *Wilhelm (I72787)
92 00.30 Uhr Wempe, Sytske Johanna (I34552)
93 06.30 Uhr. Bemerkung: totgeboren. Es gab also nur ein Kind und nicht 2. Wempe, Sytske Johanna (I34552)
94 07.00 Uhr Klijnsma, Sytske Jakobs (I34550)
95 1 Apr 1924? Jan├čen, Aylt (I99785)
96 Mit dieser Bemerkung ist mindestens eine lebende Person verkn├╝pft - Details werden aus Datenschutzgr├╝nden nicht angezeigt. Kobbenbring, *Heinrich Wilhelm (I1409)
97 1 OBIT 2 TYPE Obituary 2 PLAC Renville County, Minnesota 2 NOTE Fred Martin Gronewold was born at East Friesland, Hanover, Germany, September 10, 1862, and died suddenly at his farm home on November 2, 1940 at the age of 78 years, 1 month and 23 days. 3 CONT He was the son of Marten and Margherita Gronewold, but was an orphan from his fifteenth year. Soon after he had served his apprenticeship as a baker he came to America and become the baker for a Luther Orphanage and Seminary at Addison, Illinois 3 CONC , where he stayed five years. 3 CONT He then came to Martin county, Minnesota where he engaged in farming from 1892 until 1920. Since then he has farmed in Renville county, northeast of Sacred Heart. 3 CONT Surviving him is his brother, Reverend Martin Gronewold of Bensenville, Illinois and 24 nieces and nephews, four of whom are living in Germany. Three sisters are deceased, one having raised a family in Chicago and two having lived and died in Ge 3 CONC rmany. He himself was never married. 3 CONT Mr. Gronewold was industrious, thrifty and honest in his dealings with others. Living alone, he found his enjoyment in the exacting attention he gave his farm, livestock, and poultry. 3 CONT He was raised in the Lutheran faith, to which he was closely attached, and his neighbors bespeak freely of his uprightiousness, sincerity, generosity and kindness.(fragmented newspaper article cut off here). Gronewold, Frerich Martens (I103006)
98 1. Buchstabe des Nachnamens ist unsicher! Sudes, H. (I59370)
99 1. Ehe: Prigge N.N., Meta (I95567)
100 10 Dec 1895? Hinrichs, Georg (I93525)

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