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Treffer 5,551 bis 5,600 von 6,481

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5551 Tag nicht sicher, eine Woche fr√ľher? Janssen, Friedrich *August (I121778)
5552 Taken from the Bruning Banners dated September 14 and 21, 1933:
Henry George Theodore Philippi, son of Martin William Philippi and his wife, formerly Dorothy Orth, was born on August 15, 1860, at Espen, Oldenburg, Germany. He and his parents came to America in 1865 and settled at El Paso, Woodford County, Ill. He came to Nebraska in 1883 with five immigrant cars, representing the Frank Bruning, William Bruning, Fred Middendorf, Henry J. Voss and William Whitta families. He accompanied the Frank Bruning car. At that time, the village of Bruning was known as Prairie Star. He was very active in the community and was one of the charter members of the Trinity Lutheran church in Bruning and took part in the organizing of the village of Bruning. On August 14, 1888 he married Mary Meyer. Their union was blessed with three children, a son and two daughters. He is survived by his wife and children, Martin of San Diego, CA and Stella and Mrs. Herman Hinkle of Bruning; and brother, G. W. Philippi of Bruning. Four brothers and five sisters preceded him in death. 
Familie F24404
5553 Tante Sophia Schulte, Farest V.S. Norwood Ave, Cincinati Hawickhorst, Rosa Clementine (I105736)
5554 Taufbuch Drakenburg: "Karsten vel Kasten" Carsten, Sophie Dorothee *Wilhelmine (I115482)
5555 Taufbuch: Scheiper Schaffer = Sch√§fer, Hermann (I105131)
5556 Taufe im Kirchenbuch von Atens nicht verzeichnet Wiegner, Gottlieb (I60118)
5557 Taufe im OFB Berne nicht verzeichnet. Dort wird keine Familie Hilbers erw√§hnt. Hilbers, Marie Catharina (I621)
5558 Taufe in Godensholt? Reinhards, Almuth Margrete (I69540)
5559 Taufe unter dem Nachnamen Volmers eingetragen Volmers, Margaretha Louisa (I30650)
5560 Taufe: Christiana, Abschreibfehler? Fikke, Christian (I89545)
5561 Taufeintrag Emstek: ausgewandert 1858 K√ľhling, Anna Maria Bernadina (I26239)
5562 Taufeintrag: Catharina Magretha  Budde, Catharina *Margaretha (I116136)
5563 Taufort vermutet Schlosberger, Christoph (I108663)
5564 Taufort vermutet Leib, Johann Jakob (I107909)
5565 teacher of a young men's Bible class Stullken, Henry Philipp (I101917)
5566 Testament 27 Jul 1854; (Nachlass-)Verkauf, Konvokation 22 Feb 1875 Warns, Martin (I120124)
5567 Testament v. 25 Jan 1792; Er√∂ffnung 6 Sep 1793 Houk = Hougen, Maria *Barbara (I104223)
5568 Testamenter√∂ffnung am 30 Dec 1884 Severin , Johann Friederich (I60470)
5569 Teufelsmoor? Rohde, Meta (I43879)
5570 Teufelsmoor? Reimers, Anna Margaretha (I92666)
5571 Texas Deaths: geboren 22 Jul 1865 Hoting, Albert John (I121560)
5572 The "uncle" was probably living in Bloomington, Nebraska -- or Smith County, Nebraska where there was a Stolting Family. St√∂lting, Frieda (I87546)
5573 The 1860 census shows mother Gertrude and sister Catherine living with the family. Mueller, Elisabeth (I114891)
5574 The 1870 census (Cincinnati) seems to show "Gasina" Macke and children Frank * 1853, Agnes * 1860, Carrie * 1864, and Bernard * 1866.

Agnes, Carrie, and Bernard are on the 1880 census.

Gesine appears on the 1900 census, living with her son-in-law Herman Steltenpohl. According to a will filed in Ohio in November 1909, Agnes Seltenpohl was deceased. 
Familie F23058
5575 The 1880 census gives her birth year as 1860. Deters, Maria (I115609)
5576 The 1880 census says he was born about 1821. Hegemann, Julius (I94091)
5577 The 1880 census says he was born in Oldenburg. Morsching, Friedrich *Adolph (I114230)
5578 The 1880 census says she was born about 1832. N. N., Ann (I94092)
5579 The 1900 census gives her birth as Feb. 1880. Robejohannes = Robejohn, Anna (I81846)
5580 The 1900 census gives her birth as Mar 1879. Block, Martha Helene Friederike (I55155)
5581 The 1900 census gives her birth date as 1856. Another source gives it as 26 Jul 1857. Gramke, Josephina Bernardina Elisabeth (I114758)
5582 The 1900 census gives her birth date as Jan 1876. N. N., Clara (I83577)
5583 The 1900 census gives her birth date as May 1890. Backenkeller, Lena (I117695)
5584 The 1900 census gives his birth as Apr 1896 in Germany. Grashorn, Diedrich G (I89357)
5585 The 1900 census gives his birth as Feb 1894. Wragge, Theodore Gerard (I87540)
5586 The 1900 census gives his birth as Oct 1890. His WW I draft record gives the date as 6 Oct 1894 in Germany. Janssen, August B (I81981)
5587 The 1900 census gives his birth date as Jan 1870. Wragge, Bernhard Hinrich (I622)
5588 The 1900 census gives the birthdate as Oct 1872. Moorkamp, August Henry (I104029)
5589 The 1900 census gives the date as 1873. Familie F984
5590 The 1900 census gives the year as 1854. Kruse, John Henry (I102783)
5591 The 1900 census says Sept 1845. Albers, Jacob (I91981)
5592 The 1900 census says she was the mother of 5 children, 2 still living in 1900. Gerdes, Trientje (I47512)
5593 The 1900 census says she was the mother of 5 children, 3 still living in 1900. Holstmann, Gebke Sophie Helene (I90801)
5594 The 1900 census says that John J. Tiarks had 4 living children at that time. Tiarks, Henry (I48658)
5595 The 1900 census says they had been married 11 years, which would put the marriage date in 1889. Familie F7860
5596 The 1900 census says they were married in 1885, but the 1910 census says it was 1895, which makes more sense. Familie F23759
5597 The 1910 and 1920 censuses put his birth in 1910, but several other reliable sources give various birthdates from 1911 to 1913. Altergott, William (I87215)
5598 The 1910 census gives the year of immigration as 1859. K√ľhling = Kuehling, Joseph (I117889)
5599 The 1910 census says she is the mother of 7 children, 4 living. Familie F12886
5600 The 1925 Iowa census (Geneseo, Cerro Gordo, Iowa) verifies that he was born in Illinois in 1895 and the names of his parents. Rastedt, Friedrich Heinrich George (I61391)